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3D printer

3D Printers are Interactibles that spawn on all common Environments. These large machines can destroy one item given by a player to print a new one. They allow players to have some control over their items and, by extension, their build.

Using a 3D Printer will exchange one of the player's items into a new one:

  • the item to produce will always be the one displayed by the printer.
  • the item to destroy will be selected randomly among the items in possession of the player and of the same rarity as the item to be printed. If the player holds a Scrap of the corresponding rarity then it will be prioritized over any other item. (See the Scrapper page for more information about Scraps).

A 3D Printer can be interacted with indefinitely, as long as the player is willing to transform their items. Once the player has nothing but the item to be printed in their inventory, further interactions with the printer will simply replace the item with a copy of itself. This is generally not very useful, but can be used to generate a random item with the help of a Recycler.pngRecyclerBgEquipment.pngRecycler.png45sTransform an Item or Equipment into a different one. Can only recycle once.
Transform an Item or Equipment into a different one. Can only be converted into the same tier one time.
, or to give copies of the item to fellow players in multiplayer.

Printing items should be done carefully: converting too many items can unbalance one's build and be more detrimental than beneficial.

3D Printer[edit | edit source]

3D Printer (uncommon)

The basic 3D Printers allow to exchange Common or Uncommon items.

Mili-Tech Printer[edit | edit source]

Mili-Tech Printer

Mili-Tech Printers allow to exchange Legendary items. They are the rarest printers.

Overgrown 3D Printer[edit | edit source]

Overgrown 3D Printer

The Overgrown 3D Printers allow to exchange Boss items.

Notes[edit | edit source]