Alloy Vulture

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Alloy Vulture
Alloy Vulture.png
Health 140 (+42 per level)
Health Regen 0.6 (+0.12 per level) hp/s
Damage 15 (+3 per level)
Speed 3 m/s

The Alloy Vulture is a new Monster introduced in the Skills 2.0 update. It resembles a black vulture with a humanoid form, similar to that of a Harpy from Greek mythology.

Environments[edit | edit source]

Skills & Behavior[edit | edit source]

Alloy Vultures initially spawn on the ground, where they are slow-moving, but are able to do an upward-boost to enter their flying state, where they receive both increased and free-range movement.

If an Alloy Vulture get close enough to a player, the Vulture will then proceed to land so to have easier time hitting them.

Crescent Air Wave[edit | edit source]

Regardless of its state, the Alloy Vulture attacks by shooting crescent, disk-like waves of air in quick succession that travel in a straight line towards the target, dealing 225% damage.

This skill has a Proc Coefficient of 1.0.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Stunning them while they are in flight will cause them to fall, making them easier to deal with. Keep in mind that they can exit stun while falling, preventing them from receiving fall damage unless you can keep them stunned.

Lore[edit | edit source]

> Automated report 9f6d5d41671c241a13bac58b2482deb7 is now available from site record 741c655e2d36c5f6973fd3a36aa0f950.
> Please refer to record 741c655e2d36c5f6973fd3a36aa0f950 for additional personnel details during your review.
> Report Type: Transcription
> - Source: 741c655e2d36c5f6973fd3a36aa0f950 (Personal Suit Recorder)
> Priority: Medium
> Report Content:

-- Beginning of Excerpt Flagged for Review --

Karl: "STOP! Everybody stop!"

Astrid: "Karl? Why are you out of breath, did you /run/ all the way here? What's wrong?"

Emil: "What's going on?"

Karl: "YES, Astrid, and you both need to listen. You know those Hornets in the black combat suits that split off a while back? The top-dollar PMC badasses? I saw one of them take shots at those huge bird things we've seen sulking around the cliffs - and one of them SHOT HIM BACK. With a GUN. The bullets must've bounced off the hardened armor - but it still knew what to do. They're not dumb animals. No way."

Astrid: "That's… not possible."

Karl: "It is, it happened! They must've taken the guns from the last guys."

Emil: "Why did you run all the way here from your post just to tell us?"

Karl: "Because you didn't let me finish! After it ran the gun dry it just dropped it and swooped in to tear through his armor with its claws. Its CLAWS. It ripped him in half… and threw him off the cliff. Flew off to the peaks with his suit and his other half. They're at least as smart as us, worse tempered, and better armed. We can't keep taking the mountains, we've gotta backtrack and go around. And we need to pack - now."

Emil: "This has gotta be a [REDACTED] joke Karl. Right now?"

Karl: "YES. NOW. And cut the lights! Cut the radar and all radio comms too. Emil, send out one last call to Mikhail and Pavlo to get back here ASAP."

Astrid: "We can't do that; we'll be completely defenseless. That radar is the only warning we'll get!"

Karl: "Did I leave out the part about the robot? The [REDACTED] flying robot they have? The one that's been parked six meters in the air with an audience of those things? The one that they keep "talking" to – and has been staring straight at camp since I spotted it? They have a robot, Astrid, and it knows there's something here. We. Have. To. Go."

Emil: "This place is a nightmare. How could we only just be finding out about it now?"

Karl: "EMIL. Shut up and make the call! We can continue this conversation /after/ we're sure we've gone totally dark and after we're far, far away from here."

-- End of Recording --

-- End of Excerpt Flagged for Review --

> Please refer to report c31653d0e4193db1d2ac281ee3828280 for full audio excerpt.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Alloy Vulture is currently the only entity to be a land-air hybrid.
  • The Alloy Vulture may be closely related to the Evolved Lemurian, a Risk of Rain 1 monster.