Ancestral Incubator

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This page refers to content that has yet to be released. Nothing here is final and anything is subject to change.

Ancestral Incubator
Ancestral Incubator.png
Chance on kill to summon an Ancestral Pod.
7% chance (+1% per stack) on kill to summon an Ancestral Pod that distracts enemies.

Once it fully grows, it will hatch into an allied Parent with 100% health (+100% per stack).
Rarity NoTier (Grandparent)
Category Utility
ID 106
Stat Value Stack Add
Chance 7% Linear +1%
Parent Health 100% Linear +100%

The Ancestral Incubator is a new item in Risk of Rain 2 supposedly dropped by the unused Grandparent boss. Unlike most unused items, this one is fully functional.

Lore[edit | edit source]

"How do they know who their leader is? Is it instinct? Or is there something about me?"

"I can't believe you're having me cover for you, Ashley. You know the rules. The last time someone brought something 'friendly' to the camp it did NOT end well. Rich cried for days."

"But if we figure out how to communicate we can use it to our benefit! Besides, the guy is pretty helpful around here. He can lift heavy boxes and reach high places."

"I think we should just put that thing back where you found it. Who knows if it will attract more?"

"This is for science...! And besides, maybe it can teach us something about this environment. He's a native here."

"Yeah, cool, native, okay, I'm out."