Armor-Piercing Rounds

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Armor-Piercing Rounds
Armor-Piercing Rounds.png
Deal extra damage to bosses.
Deal an additional 20% damage (+20% per stack) to bosses.
Rarity Common
Category Damage
Unlock Advancement
ID 61
Stat Value Stack Add
Damage 20% Linear +20%

Armor-Piercing Rounds is an item in Risk of Rain 2. It increases your damage by 20% (+20% per stack) against Bosses and Hordes of Many spawned by the Teleporter, as well as Special Bosses and the Umbra from the VengeanceArtifact of Vengeance. It reflects this by changing the color of your damage numbers, if they are enabled, to orange when you are damaging an applicable boss. Such targets will also have red health bars instead of the usual yellow bars.

This item does not give you a damage bonus against boss monsters that are spawned randomly by the environment in the late game.

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