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The following page contains spoiler-free hints towards the location of Artifact codes. Each category corresponds to an artifact, using the first two letters of its name to help identify already possessed ones.

Each artifact has a hint split in 3 parts giving increasingly precise location. Hover a hint part to reveal it.

CH[edit | edit source]

Where the tar is omnipresent
lies a broken tablet. While one half is easily found near a tunnel
the other is protected by an ancient gate

CO[edit | edit source]

Where one can purchase special items
Newt, the shopkeeper, is always ready to trade
even with whoever gazes into his mirror

DE[edit | edit source]

Where ruins are flooded
one must ignore their fear of falls
as a secret lies within the cliff

DI[edit | edit source]

Where the temperature is high
climbing to great heights
will reveal a code, albeit a sideways one

EN[edit | edit source]

Where one can take on a trial
representations of design float everywhere
overshadowed by the largest one

EV[edit | edit source]

Where one has shown fealty
a grotesque creature awaits
which must be inspected before bloodshed

FR[edit | edit source]

Where lies the crashed ship
a blinking probe illuminates a tablet
but some part of it is imprisoned in the void

GL[edit | edit source]

Where one can do a sacrifice
a treacherous path leads to the obelisk
obscuring the key nearby

HO[edit | edit source]

Where both otherworldly beauty and nostalgy strike
a large contraption lies deep underground
the first code is in plain sight

KI[edit | edit source]

Where strange flying creatures nest
those who seek guidance must first ascend
and find their prize between two lights

ME[edit | edit source]

Where terrain is hilly and giant rings litter the ground
good perception will reveal the code
especially to those who look far away

SA[edit | edit source]

Where one ends up after a large donation
holes and lakes are everywhere
but information is hidden in a cavity

SO[edit | edit source]

Where spirits are laid to rest
a forgotten path lies above, but instead of a tablet
a pattern emerges, directed by the sun

SP[edit | edit source]

Where everything starts and everything ends
in a place where everything can change
the tablet hides behind a bush

SW[edit | edit source]

Where the air is glacial and lights are blinking
the key is found in the frigid waters
on a far island

VE[edit | edit source]

Where one can review knowledge
one diorama is different than the others
as its base is mysteriously engraved