Blast Shower

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Blast Shower
Blast Shower.png
Cleanse all negative effects.
Cleanse all negative effects. Includes debuffs, damage over time, and nearby projectiles.
Rarity Equipment
Cooldown 20s
Unlock Warm For Life

Blast Shower is an equipment added in the Skills 2.0 update. Upon activation, it removes any and all negative status effects from the user.

The equipment mostly explains itself. It will remove any effect the game deems as 'negative', including the frozen effect from Glacial Elite explosions, the Fire effect from Blazing Elites, the slowness effect applied by Pots and Clay Templars, and even the healing block applied by Malachite Elites, which is especially useful lategame.

It will also clear projectiles in a very small radius around the player. Emphasis on 'very small', making it near impossible to reliably delete even slow projectiles.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Does NOT cleanse the debuff affliction caused by Spinel Tonic.pngSpinel TonicBgLunar.pngSpinel Tonic.png60sGain a massive boost to ALL stats. Chance to gain an affliction that reduces ALL stats.
    Drink the Tonic, gaining a boost for 20 seconds. Increases damage by +100%. Increases attack speed by +70%. Increases armor by +20. Increases maximum health by +50%. Increases passive health regeneration by +300%. Increases movespeed by +30%.

    When the Tonic wears off, you have a 20% chance to gain a Tonic Affliction, reducing all of your stats by -5% (-5% per stack).
    , as that debuff is stacked in the player's inventory rather than being displayed above their health bar.
  • The lingering acid pools left behind by Beetle Queens are technically projectiles and as such are also deleted by the Blast Shower. This also applies to those left by Mini Mushrums and even Malachite spike piles.
  • Oddly, the barrier effect of the Void Fields is considered a debuff and is cleared, though will instantly be reapplied while near an active vent. This only results in the player's screen changing colour very briefly.
  • Resets the 10-second cooldown timer of Runald's Band.pngRunald's BandBgUncommon.pngRunald's Band.pngHigh damage hits also blasts enemies with runic ice. Recharges over time.
    Hits that deal more than 400% damage also blasts enemies with a runic ice blast, slowing them by 80% for 3s (+3s per stack) and dealing 250% (+250% per stack) TOTAL damage. Recharges every 10 seconds.
    and Kjaro's Band.pngKjaro's BandBgUncommon.pngKjaro's Band.pngHigh damage hits also blasts enemies with a runic flame tornado. Recharges over time.
    Hits that deal more than 400% damage also blasts enemies with a runic flame tornado, dealing 300% (+300% per stack) TOTAL damage over time. Recharges every 10 seconds.
    . This makes Blast shower surprisingly powerful when these are combined with a Gesture of the Drowned, Fuel Cell and/or Soulbound Catalyst.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Order: Blast Shower
Tracking Number: 152*****
Estimated Delivery: 06/19/2056
Shipping Method: Standard
Shipping Address: Frontier Gate, Outer Edge Zone
Shipping Details:

Outer Edge thanks you for your rewards redemption! It takes a real explorer to make their living on the frontier. As you undoubtedly know, REAL exploring is REAL messy. This portable unit will equip you with the modern convenience of taking a shower anywhere at any time!

Disclaimer: Wear your protective suit while cleansing. Do not use product directly on skin. Blast Shower is only rated for B-class toxins and C-class foreign organisms. This company does not accept any responsibility for incidents as a result of an incomplete cleansing.