Bustling Fungus

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Bustling Fungus
Bustling Fungus.png
Heal all nearby allies after standing still for 2 seconds.
After standing still for 2 seconds, create a zone that heals for 4.5% (+2.25% per stack) of your health every second to all allies within 3m (+1.5m per stack).
Rarity Common
Category Healing
ID 16
Stat Value Stack Add
Health per Second 4.5% Linear +2.25%
Radius 3m Linear +1.5m

The Bustling Fungus is a returning item in Risk of Rain 2. It creates a green bubble which heals players for 4.5% health every second after the user stands still for 2 or more seconds. Both the radius and healing amount can be increased by stacking, with no effective limit on radius or health restored.

Having 44 Bustling Fungus will reach more than 100% healing (101.25%), which is effectively a soft cap without items using overhealing such as Aegis.pngAegisBgLegendary.pngAegis.pngHealing past full grants you a temporary barrier.
Healing past full grants you a temporary barrier for 50% (+50% per stack) of the amount you healed.

This item is extremely powerful to stack as Engineer (with his TR12 Gauss Auto-Turrets), due to his turrets' ability to inherit his item inventory and their immobility making the healing bubble persist wherever the turret is placed.

The healing dispensed scales with the max health of the recipient. It can affect NPCs, such as Drones, Aurelionite, or even Squid Polyp.pngSquid TurretsBgUncommon.pngSquid Polyp.pngActivating an interactable summons a Squid Turret nearby.
Activating an interactable summons a Squid Turret that attacks nearby enemies at 100% (+100% per stack) attack speed. Lasts 30 seconds.
. Due to this, it can be used to keep multiple turrets alive despite their constant health drain, as well as having many other synergies with minion items.