Dio's Best Friend

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Dio's Best Friend
Dio's Best Friend.png
Cheat death. Consumed on use.
Upon death, this item will be consumed and you will return to life with 3 seconds of invulnerability.
Rarity Legendary
Category Utility
Unlock The Lone Survivor
ID 66
Stat Value Stack Add
Uses 1 Linear +1
Dio's Best Friend (Consumed)
Dio's Best Friend (Consumed).png
A spent item with no remaining power.
ID 67

Dio's Best Friend is a returning item in Risk of Rain 2.

Upon dying, the character will revive after a few seconds. This will trigger any on-death effects, such as the ice explosions from Glacial Elites. Upon reviving, they will get 3 seconds of invincibility. and the item will be consumed.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Works on Engineer's turrets (all variants). Redeploying gives them a new, unused teddy bear (as long as you have yours unused).
  • While activating the final event cell while Stabilizing the Cell in the Void Fields, it is possible for enemies to receive Dio's Best Friend as a Legendary item. Players should be careful should this happen because each enemy will be revived after death once. They can even be revived from death when the completion of the cell event kills all enemies.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name Dio is a reference to Duncan Drummond's cat. He is one of the developers of Risk Of Rain. This can be found under the "Team Section" on the official site.
    • In Risk of Rain 1, the achievement to unlock this item is known as "Sole Survivor". This is a reference to a lyric in the song 'Holy Diver' by Dio, the artist from which Duncan's cat gets its name.
  • Before the Skills 2.0 update, using a Shrine of Order made all consumed Friends disappear due to not having an item tier. Now, it simply leaves them alone.