Disposable Missile Launcher

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Disposable Missile Launcher
Disposable Missile Launcher.png
Fire a swarm of missiles.
Fire a swarm of 12 missiles that deal 12x300% damage.
Rarity Equipment
Cooldown 45s
Amount needed for permanent effect
18 Gesture of the Drowned.pngGesturesBgLunar.pngGesture of the Drowned.pngDramatically reduce Equipment cooldown... BUT it automatically activates.
Reduce Equipment cooldown by 50% (+15% per stack). Forces your Equipment to activate whenever it is off cooldown.
21 Fuel Cell.pngFuel CellsBgUncommon.pngFuel Cell.pngHold an additional equipment charge. Reduce equipment cooldown.
Hold an additional equipment charge (+1 per stack). Reduce equipment cooldown by 15% (+15% per stack).

The Disposable Missile Launcher is a returning equipment in Risk of Rain 2.

Each missile has a Proc Coefficient of 1.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you pick up a different equipment or Retool as MUL-T while you have continuous missiles the Missile Launcher will keep firing until the backlog has caught up, potentially allowing for two equipment active at once.