Emergency Drone

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Emergency Drone
Emergency Drone.png
Health 300 (+90 per level)
Health Regen 2/s (+0.4 per level)
Heal 10 (+2 per level)
Speed 17 m/s
Armor 20
Base Cost $100

The Emergency Drone is a Drone. Once purchased, the Emergency Drone flies close by and follows your survivor. It is possible to bind more than one Emergency Drone to your survivor. After finishing the Teleporter Event, the Emergency Drone travels to the next Environment with you.

Much like its brethren, the Healing Drone, the Emergency Drone also heals your survivor, as well as various other companions such as other Drones and Beetle Guards. It is much more expensive than healing drones.

However, unlike the Healing Drone, it can heal much more rapidly, with its healing rate outmatching that of a Clay Templar's rapid-fire.

The Emergency Drone can also heal multiple allies at once.