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A Family Event is a rare event which has a 2% chance to occur for the entire duration of a typical stage. A Family Event will restrict the kinds of Monsters that can spawn to a specific, limited selection; including monsters spawned by and during the Teleporter Event. The specific pool of monsters is signaled by a line of pink text at the beginning of the stage.

Family Events commonly result in monsters spawning in Environments they are otherwise unable to spawn in, such as the Grovetender spawning in Environments other than Scorched Acres.

Event Text Monsters
[WARNING] The ground begins to shift beneath you..
[WARNING] The earth rumbles and groans with mysterious energies..
[WARNING] The air crackles and arcs..
[WARNING] A tear in the fabric of the universe..
[WARNING] The air begins to burn..
[WARNING] The ground's temperature begins to rise..
[WARNING] The earth shifts and changes..
[WARNING] The ground grows sickly..
[WARNING] The bulwark begin to falter..

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Parent and Mini Mushrum Family Events are the only ones to feature a single Monster.
    • The existence of these Family Events are possibly tied towards future planned or previously scrapped Monsters, with the unused/unfinished Grandparent Boss giving precedent to this theory. Additionally, the Mini Mushrum was simply named "Mushrum" in Risk of Rain 1, which suggests that a larger monster related to it was a planned addition.