Genesis Loop

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Genesis Loop
Genesis Loop.png
Fire an electric nova at low health.
Falling below 25% health causes you to explode, dealing 6000% base damage. Recharges every 30 / (2 +1 per stack) seconds .
Rarity Boss (Wandering Vagrant)
Category Damage
ID 97
Stat Value Stack Add
Recharge Speed 100% Linear +50%

The Genesis Loop is a unique Boss item that has a chance to be dropped by the Wandering Vagrant when it spawns as the Teleporter boss.

The blast has a short charging period, during which the player can seek for the optimal place to explode and damage the highest amount of enemies. Old War Stealthkit.pngOld War StealthkitsBgUncommon.pngOld War Stealthkit.pngTurn invisible on taking heavy damage.
Chance on taking damage to gain 40% movement speed and invisibility for 3s (+1.5s per stack). Chance increases the more damage you take.
make this easier, as both items are triggered by taking extensive damage.

The blast also triggers if the cooldown is completed while the character still has under 25% health left, even if they have not been damaged recently.

The charging time of the blast lowers the more attack speed you have.

The blast has a range of 100m and a Proc Coefficient of 1.

Math[edit | edit source]

The cooldown is determined by the formula 30 / (amount + 1)

Amount Cooldown
1 15s
2 10s
3 7.5s
4 6s
5 5s
6 4.29s
7 3.75s
8 3.33s
9 3s
10 2.73s

The full time between blasts is determined by the formula 30 / (amount + 1) + 3 / attackSpeed + 2

  • 30 / (amount + 1) is the recharge time, after detonation
  • 3 / attackSpeed is the charge time, after being activated and before detonating
  • 2 is the detonation duration

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Correction: The in-game description of 30s (-50% per stack) is incorrect