Glowing Meteorite

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Glowing Meteorite
Glowing Meteorite.png
Rain meteors from the sky, hurting both enemies and allies.
Rain meteors from the sky, damaging ALL characters for 600% damage per blast. Lasts 20 seconds.
Rarity Lunar Equipment
Cooldown 140s
Amount needed for permanent effect
9 Gesture of the Drowned.pngGesturesBgLunar.pngGesture of the Drowned.pngDramatically reduce Equipment cooldown... BUT it automatically activates.
Reduce Equipment cooldown by 50% (+15% per stack). Forces your Equipment to activate whenever it is off cooldown.
12 Fuel Cell.pngFuel CellsBgUncommon.pngFuel Cell.pngHold an additional equipment charge. Reduce equipment cooldown.
Hold an additional equipment charge (+1 per stack). Reduce equipment cooldown by 15% (+15% per stack).
Unlock Moon Worshipper

The Glowing Meteorite is a returning equipment in Risk of Rain 2.

Upon activation, "meteors" will hit the ground near enemies and players all over the map, though there is no actual projectile that hits the ground. The game instead creates explosions wherever the "meteors" hit. The blasts deal 600% damage to both friendly players and hostile monsters, and have a Proc Coefficient of 1.

While the item is active, blue glowing rings appear indicating incoming explosions, allowing players to navigate accordingly in relative safety, however the random distribution of strikes can cause potentially unavoidable scenarios.

Lore[edit | edit source]

What a... peculiar piece of the stars that serendipity has brought us. I'm sure you can make more. The ratios are simple. It should be quite fun.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Glowing Meteorite is (currently) the only returning equipment from Risk of Rain 1 that went from being a regular equipment to a lunar equipment.
  • If used in the Bazaar Between Time, almost all of it’s chosen locations will be directly on or around the portal.