Gnarled Woodsprite

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Gnarled Woodsprite
Gnarled Woodsprite.png
Heal over time. Activate to send to an ally.
Gain a Woodsprite follower that heals for 1.5% of your maximum health/second. Can be sent to an ally to heal them for 10% of their maximum health.
Rarity Equipment
Cooldown 15s
Unlock One with the Woods

The Gnarled Woodsprite is a new equipment in Risk of Rain 2.

When it is equipped, the owner will passively regenerate health at 1.5% of maximum health/second until it is sent to an ally.

Upon activation, it will travel to the selected ally and heal for 10% of the target's maximum health, and passively regenerate the ally for 15 seconds before returning to the owner. The Gnarled Woodsprite can only heal one ally at a time, but multiple charges from Fuel Cell.pngFuel CellsBgUncommon.pngFuel Cell.pngHold an additional equipment charge. Reduce equipment cooldown.
Hold an additional equipment charge (+1 per stack). Reduce equipment cooldown by 15% (+15% per stack).
can send additional Woodsprites. The owner of the Woodsprite can target themselves, healing and acting similarly to Foreign Fruit.pngForeign FruitBgEquipment.pngForeign Fruit.png45sHeal on use.
Instantly heal for 50% of your maximum health.
, but will not receive additional passive regeneration.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Order: Gnarled Woodsprite
Tracking Number: 447*****
Estimated Delivery: 01/16/2056
Shipping Method: High Priority/Biological
Shipping Address: Happy Hope Children's Hospital, Waleton, Earth
Shipping Details:

Dr. Coleas's studies on the benefits of sprite-assisted care have paved the way for hospitals across Earth. These little guys take every opportunity to radiate amongst the injured and sick. 

We've seen significant decreases in the recovery times of almost all patients. While effective, I'm not certain if this aura effect is transmitting anything at all. It might all be placebo; people could just be reacting to the spectacle of a cute lifeform putting on a light show in front of them.

Either way, it's good to have them around, and I think they enjoy being around us too. I'm lucky enough to get to keep one in my home... for study purposes, of course. It may seem a little crass, but shipping these little guys in from off world does not seem to impact their attitude in the slightest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • MUL-T will not receive passive regeneration when the Gnarled Woodsprite is switched to an off-hand equipment slot.