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Health 140 (+42 per level)
Health Regen 0.6 (+0.12 per level) hp/s
Damage 10 (+2 per level)
Speed 10 m/s

The Imp is a returning floating demonic-like Monster in Risk of Rain 2.

Environments[edit | edit source]

Skills & Behavior[edit | edit source]

Abyssal Slash[edit | edit source]

The Imp slashes twice in front of him, dealing 150% damage each and inflicts bleeding for 5 ticks, each dealing 20% damage.

This skill has a cooldown of 1 second and each slash has a Proc Coefficient of 0.4.

Abyssal Blink[edit | edit source]

The imp can "blink" (teleport) a short distance away, which takes it to the farthest/nearest surface that it is facing at. It also uses this ability to get both closer to the player as well as out of harm's way.

This skill has a cooldown of 5 seconds, along with the Imp being able to store three charges of this skill.

Lore[edit | edit source]

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Ever since we've arrived there has been no shortage of nightmares for our party. Long nights and unnaturally regular eclipses have made sunlight scarce and we must, appallingly, resort to risking our lives hunting and devouring the local fauna like lowly beasts. While the air is breathable, it is no blessing; we have been unable to escape the foul smell that we can only now assume is simply a part of the atmosphere on this world. Worst of all, attempts to return through the portal have been unsuccessful in our weakened state. It takes considerable effort to enter [the between space] - and we lack the strength to stay there long enough to cross the membrane. We are stranded.

And then there is the master of this world. Curiously, it is in his presence that we find ourselves most weakened - and when he senses us, he wastes no time in his approach. We've attempted to kill him once in the hopes of restoring our access to the portal, and it ended in such disaster that it became clear there could not be a second attempt. If not for our ability to briefly dive into [the between space] to escape our skirmishes, we would surely all be butchered.

Whenever we can observe him unnoticed, he stands in the open, transfixed by the moon. I find some small humor in that.

Curse this place - and curse its master. May we find a way to send word to the homeworld of our plight -and may the great emperor deign to come forth and grant this "deity" a swift death.

-- End of Recording --

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