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Launch Pads are Interactibles that can be used to launch the player in the air, making navigation through the stage easier.

Fan[edit | edit source]

The Fan is an exhaust chute found in Rallypoint Delta. In contrast to the Gas Exhaust it costs money to turn on. It pushes the player into the sky. The player cannot control their trajectory and will land in a specific place, depending on what fan is used. If the player has the ability to double jump by having a hopoo feather, or by playing as the Mercenary, the additional jump can be used to interrupt the trajectory you are sent on, giving the player control over where they land. Additionally, movement skills (E.g. Commando's tactical dive or Huntress' blink) or any skills that affect the players movements (E.g. Huntress' arrow rain, ballista or laser glaive) will interrupt the players trajectory. (This is not the case for MUL-T's utility skill.)

Geyser[edit | edit source]

The Geyser is a type of launch pad that can be found on the map and allows the player to catapult themselves high into the air. Akin to the fan, the player has no control over their trajectory and will be propelled to a specific place, depending on which geyser is used. In contrast to the fan, it doesn't have to be purchased to use.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Monsters are also able to use the launch pads and will do so to reach the player if required.