Loader: Swing By

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Loader: Swing By
Spiked Fist
As Loader, reach and proceed through the Celestial Portal in 25 minutes or less.
Unlock Spiked Fist

Loader: Swing By is a challenge in Risk of Rain 2. It is completed as Loader by reaching and proceeding through the Celestial Portal in 25 minutes or less.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • To complete this challenge you must skip the Mithrix boss fight to continue the run and loop.
    • To do this, one must hit the prongs on the Primordial Teleporter found on Sky Meadow to align it to the planet and not end up on the final stage Commencement.
  • Players attempting this challenge should also know that:
    • The challenge goes by the in-game timer, not real time. Going to places where the timer pauses, such as the Void Fields, can help get you extra items.
    • Ignore most enemies and chests, Loader can survive fine on Drizzle with minimal help from items.
    • Look for glowing red particles when you spawn in. They will reveal the location of the teleporter from just about anywhere on the map.
    • During the Teleporter activation, look for near by chests to open after the event is completed.
    • Additional items can be gained in the Bulwark's Ambry without causing a loss in time.