Mini Mushrum

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Mini Mushrum
Mini Mushrum.png
Health 290 (+87 per level)
Health Regen 0.6 (+0.12 per level) hp/s
Damage 16 (+3.2 per level)
Speed 2 m/s

The Mini Mushrum is a returning mushroom Monster added in the Artifacts Update.

Environments[edit | edit source]

Skills & Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Mini Mushrum is native to Sky Meadow. It can often be seen addling around alongside other Mushrum. Upon death, its body can be seen going back into the ground while its cap still remains above ground.

Fiery Spore Bomb[edit | edit source]

The Mini Mushrum attack skill have it prepare and throw a spore bomb towards a player that upon contact creates a _m AoE area that deals damage _%/s for _ seconds.

The spore bomb is visible on their head for 3-4 seconds before throwing. The attack also causes a burn effect as well.

This skill has a cooldown of 10 seconds and a Proc Coefficient of _.

Regenerative Ingrain[edit | edit source]

When they have taken sufficient damage, a Mini Mushrum will proceed to flee before planting their bodies firmly into the ground below, creating an AoE healing circle around them that regenerate their health at roughly 5% hp/s.

Any monster that happens to enter the healing range of the Mini Mushrooms will also begin to heal at roughly 5% hp/s until they leave the circle.

This skills has a cooldown of 0 seconds and will continue to heal until they are above a certain amount of HP.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Always keep moving and regularly scan your surroundings when dealing with Mini Mushrums since they're able to throw their Spore Bombs from a considerably large distance away, which can prove fatal if caught off-guard especially from Elites.

Lore[edit | edit source]

$ Transcribing image... done.
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$ Outputting text strings... done.

This is the logbook entry of D. Furthen, naturalist for the UES [Redacted] in conjunction with the UES Research and Documentation of Outer Life. I am joined by my good friend Tharson, who is keeping me safe through this journey.


On a routine food gathering trek we happened upon a vast fungal grove with towering fungi. Thinking we would take some samples back to test if they were edible, we noticed some of the smaller variety sprout up from the ground and circle around us.

I will describe its properties below. I have assigned their common name as ‘Mini Mushrum’.

• ‘Mini’ is a relative term here, as these mobile mushrooms were larger than Tharson. The subtle glow on the underside of their cap is probably to scare away predators, advertising that they are dangerous to eat.

• Waddling around on short, stubby legs makes them seem quite unsuited for walking. They comically bump into things as they fret about. Perhaps their eyeseight is poor from living in the dark?

• After a long time studying their movements, I suggested to Tharson to retrieve a sample from one to take back with us. The one that the sample was taken from began to flee as the others began shaking, spilling their spores into the air. Our air filtration warnings went off so we left before the cloud of fungal gas became too overwhelming. We did not eat the sample.

Gallery[edit | edit source]