Old War Stealthkit

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Old War Stealthkit
Old War Stealthkit.png
Turn invisible on taking heavy damage.
Chance on taking damage to gain 40% movement speed and invisibility for 3s (+1.5s per stack). Chance increases the more damage you take.
Rarity Uncommon
Category Utility
ID 25
Stat Value Stack Add
Duration 3s Linear +1.5s

The Old War Stealthkit is a new item in Risk of Rain 2.

The chance to turn on invisible is based on the percentage of max health and max shield the damage dealt, 1% damage = 1% chance to activate. This chance is calculated after all damage reductions from Armor and other sources have taken effect. The chance is affected by the 57 Leaf Clover.png57 Leaf CloverBgLegendary.png57 Leaf Clover.pngLuck is on your side.
All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for a favorable outcome.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Order:  Misc. OW Artifacts (47)
Tracking Number: 01******
Estimated Delivery: 08/13/2056
Shipping Method: Priority
Shipping Address: National Old War Museum, New Orleans, Earth
Shipping Details:

We've managed to round up all the local Old War artifacts that we could find. A lot of interesting things here: rifles, rations, pamphlets. We even found a prototype stealthkit in fantastic condition; that could be a great centerpiece for your exhibit.

However, a slight issue: in transit, the truck hit a pothole and jostled all the ship. It seemed to have actually activated the stealth drive - some strange short-circuit - and our team can't actually confirm the location of the stealthkit. It should be in one of the boxes - we will be expecting the commission to include the stealthkit.