Overloading Worm

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Overloading Worm
Overloading Worm.png
The Reminder
Health 12000 (+3600 per level)
Damage 50 (+10 per level)
Speed 20 m/s
Armor 15
Overloading Worm as it appears in the logbook

The Overloading Worm is a returning Boss Monster in Risk of Rain 2. Being a Boss, the Overloading Worm may be encountered after initiating a stage's Teleporter Event or normally after progressing far enough in the difficulty.

The Overloading Worm is a stronger variant of the standard Magma Worm. The Overloading Worm is not considered an Elite version of the Magma Worm, but instead a unique Monster. As a result, items that specifically interact with Elite monsters will be ineffective against it, and challenges pertaining to Elite monsters cannot be completed by defeating it.

Environments[edit | edit source]

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Overloading Worms attack largely in the same fashion as Magma Worms, in that their primary form of offence is damaging targets that make physical contact with it. But while Magma Worms turn the screen brightly orange upon exiting the ground, Overloading Worms will instead turn the screen pitch black. Instead of traditional attacks, the Overloading Worm instead has multiple modes of movement.

All attacks have a Proc Coefficient of 1.0.

Leaping[edit | edit source]

The Worm will erupt out of the ground and launch itself into the sky, before burrowing back into the ground. The Overloading Worm will attempt to emerge from the ground close to its target to damage them, and it will aim at a target as it returns from the sky. Balls of lightning are flung out from the ground as the Overloading Worm exits and enters the ground, similar to the Magma Worm's molten rocks. However, when a ball makes contact with the player or the ground, a lightning bolt strikes down on its position, inflicting those caught in it with serious damage.

Grounded[edit | edit source]

The Worm will snake quickly from the ground and remain in close proximity to its target. While a leaping Overloading Worm will remain airborne for quite some time, a grounded Overloading Worm will rapidly enter and exit the ground as it assaults the player. With that in mind, lightning balls do not erupt from the ground in this mode of movement.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Molten Perforator

If the Overloading Worm is the Teleporter Boss, there's a chance the Uncommon item you would get as a reward for defeating the Teleporter Boss could be replaced by the Boss item, Molten Perforator.pngMolten PerforatorBgBoss.pngMolten Perforator.pngChance on hit to fire magma balls.
10% chance on hit to call forth 3 magma balls from an enemy, dealing 300% (+300% per stack) damage each.
, despite this item being more closely tied with the Magma Worm.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Fighting an Overloading Worm is generally the same as fighting a Magma Worm. To that end, it is best to fight Overloading Worms in large open spaces.
  • It is strongly advised to fight the boss from a distance, the damage-on-contact and near constant lightning strikes make fighting Overloading Worms a grueling task for close-quarter survivors like Mercenary. As Overloading Worms can only spawn at extremely high difficulties, players who have chosen survivors like Mercenary should consider spending the later parts of their runs investing heavily in powerful, long-range equipment to make up for their lack of range.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Overloading Worms can appear before Looping, but are extremely unlikely to spawn due to their high cost for Directors to spawn.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • 'The reminder' is a reference to the original Risk of Rain, wherein Magma Worms could spawn with the 'Overloading' Elite prefix, which became infamously dangerous to the player, due to the incredibly high damage they caused.
    • Magma Worms in the original game were segmented, and each piece could be interacted with individually. Though this made them easy to kill with AoE attacks, it also applied to Elite prefixes, Overloading being the most dangerous. Overloading enemies in the original game would shock survivors in an AoE around them, and as Magma Worms had multiple segments, each segment could shock individually. This would result in the player being shocked a dozen times or more in quick succession and likely killed if an Overloading Magma Worm got too close. For this reason, Overloading Magma Worms gained their reputation as the enemy that would most frequently end long runs.
  • Despite being a variant of the Magma Worm, the Overloading Worm does not appear on Siren's Call.