Resonance Disc

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Resonance Disc
Resonance Disc.png
Obtain a Resonance Disc charged by killing enemies. Fires automatically when fully charged.
Killing enemies charges the Resonance Disc. The disc launches itself toward a target for 300% base damage (+300% per stack), piercing all enemies it doesn't kill, and then explodes for 1000% base damage (+1000% per stack). Returns to the user, striking all enemies along the way for 300% base damage (+300% per stack).
Rarity Legendary
Category Damage
ID 95
Stat Value Stack Add
Damage 300% Linear +300%
Explosion 1000% Linear +1000%

The Resonance Disk is an item introduced in Risk of Rain 2

The item grants charge on kill, and when full, fires a projectile dealing 300% damage, while also piercing enemies. Afterwards, it creates an explosion dealing 1000% damage, ending with the original projectile flying back towards the user, dealing 300% damage along the way. The initial launch and return of the disc have a Proc Coefficient of 1, whilst the explosion has a proc coefficient of 0 (cannot proc other items).

Math[edit | edit source]

While holding the Resonance Disc kills generates 2.5 spin, visible by the dot in the model flying around. Spin decays over time. Every 1/60th of a second, Spin = previous spin - (1.25 * time since last kill in seconds). In short, the spin decays faster the longer time between kills.

Spin, in turn, generates charge. Charge does not decay. At 100% charge, the resonance disc checks all enemies within the blast radius of its nearest target to see if it can hit more enemies by targeting one of them instead. After selecting a target, it will fire according to the earlier description.

How much charge is generated from spin is dependent on time since the last kill, and the current spin used as a vertical velocity with -0.0125 gravity (so upwards).

Graph[edit | edit source]

A minimum of 3 kills within 1/60th of a second is required to activate the disc immediately. The upper plot shows decay of the generated spin from 3 kills over 2 seconds. The lower plot shows the charge generated by spin, activating at 100% charge and maintaining its charge after spin decays.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Resonance Disc will also attack any nearby clay pots or barrels, and will prove fatal if you're in close proximity to one.
  • Forgive Me Please.pngForgive Me PleaseBgEquipment.pngForgive Me Please.png45sThrow a cursed doll that repeatedly triggers your 'On Kill' effects.
    Throw a cursed doll out that triggers any On-Kill effects you have every 1 second for 8 seconds.
    will charge the Resonance Disc.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Resonance Disc in Risk of Rain 2 is equivalent to the Risk of Rain 1 item, Laser Turbine and is actually referred to as the laserTurbine in the code.