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Item Hoarder
Health 3800 (+1140 per level)
Health Regen 2/s (+0.4 per level)
Damage 4 (+0.8 per level)
Speed 3 m/s
Armor 20

The Scavenger is a Boss Monster in Risk of Rain 2, and was in the original game.

Scavengers spawn with items and equipment:

  • 9 common items, divided over 3 types.
  • 4 uncommon items, divided over 2 types.
  • 1 legendary item.
  • Any equipment.

Scavengers cannot get any blacklisted items. Any other item and equipment is possible.

When Scavenger are encountered on any stage, the first one killed will drop its bag. This bag can be opened by interacting with it, and it contains 10 items which can be of any rarity.

The scavenger's bag can be interacted with, and have its items removed, multiple times per run (as long as these uses occur on different stages).

Environments[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Heavy Shotgun[edit | edit source]

The Scavenger readies their weapon and shoots 3 blasts with 3 projectiles each.

Each projectile has a Proc Coefficient of 2.0.

Thqwibs[edit | edit source]

The Scavenger throws 6 exploding Thqwibs each with a Proc Coefficient of 1.0. Upon landing, the Thqwibs activate the on-kill effects of any item the Scavenger has, such as Will-o-the-wisp or Gasoline. This move is affected by the Backup Magazine.pngBackup MagazineBgCommon.pngBackup Magazine.pngAdd an extra charge of your Secondary skill.
Add +1 (+1 per stack) charge of your Secondary skill.

Scavenge Item[edit | edit source]

The Scavenger sits down and ruffles through their bag, finding any non-blacklisted item. The rarity of the item is equivalent to the rarity spread of a Small Chest. If a common item is found, it will add 5. If an uncommon item is found, the Scavenger will add 2. If a legendary item is found, it will add 1. This move cannot find equipment nor lunar items. Additionally the Scavenger gains 200 armor while it's looking for an item.