Shattering Justice

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Shattering Justice
Shattering Justice.png
Reduce the armor of enemies after repeatedly striking them.
After hitting an enemy 5 times, reduce their armor by 60 for 8 (+8 per stack) seconds.
Rarity Legendary
Category Damage
ID 85
Stat Value Stack Add
Duration 8s Linear +8s

Shattering Justice is a returning item from Risk of Rain 1.

Upon hitting an enemy 5 times, that enemy receives the "Pulverized" debuff for 8 seconds (+8 per stack). This debuff subtracts 60 from the recipient's Armor and does not stack. Since most enemies don't have any or have very little armor, this item usually sets their defense to a negative value.

The build-up effect lasts for 2 seconds times the Proc Coefficient of the hit. Each individual build-up debuff is tracked individually. Because the duration of the build-up is affected by the proc coefficient, damage-over-time effects like the Tri-Tip Dagger.pngTri-Tip DaggerBgCommon.pngTri-Tip Dagger.pngChance to bleed enemies on hit.
15% (+15% per stack) chance to bleed an enemy for 240% base damage.
do not put any build-up on enemies.

This item can be seen as a mostly consistent damage buff for almost all characters, as the way the game calculates damage through armor also accounts for negative armor and increases your damage accordingly.

Tips[edit | edit source]

In Multiplayer, it is wise to select the player with the highest attack speed to grab this item whenever it appears, as the debuff is applied after 5 hits from any ability regardless of its damage. This means Shattering Justice is best on Commando with Phase Blast or Captain, as the 8 shots fired by both will instantly cause an enemy to be affected by the debuff, allowing the rest of the team to focus on the afflicted monster for serious damage.

  • Conversely, this item is weaker on Loader, since her slow base attack speed combined with her focus on her utility skill makes it difficult to apply the debuff without going out of her way to apply hits.
  • A critical hit from Huntress with Flurry can also apply the debuff, since it fires 6 projectiles.
  • Any attack from Captain's primary attack that lands at least five of the attack's bullets will also instantly apply the debuff.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Shattering Justice Owner’s Manual

Excerpt from section 2.13:
... and if the target material doesn’t cave under the immense weight just keep hitting it until it does. The patented technology inside the face of this tool doesn’t just use brute force to break down its mark, it also utilizes a formulated nano toxin, released through internal mechanisms, that builds up through subsequent contact. In other words, each hit makes it easier to break.

Please refer back to section 1.8 for information on proper handling and the included anti-toxin gloves...