Shrine of Order

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Shrine of Order.png

The Shrine of Order is one of the Shrines in Risk of Rain 2. It is a rare Shrine that can only be found on Rallypoint Delta and Commencement.

Upon donating a Lunar Coin, the following process is applied to the player's items:

  1. For a given item rarity tier (Common, Uncommon, Legendary, Boss or Lunar), an item already in the possession of the player is selected.
  2. All the other items of the corresponding rarity tier will be converted into the previously selected item, leaving only one stack of the same item.

The process is repeated separately for each rarity tier.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is important to note that the chance of one item to be selected is evenly distributed between each item in the possession of the player, regardless of the quantity of each item held: if you have 20 Medkit.pngMedkitBgCommon.pngMedkit.pngReceive a delayed heal after taking damage.
    2 seconds after getting hurt, heal for 20 plus an additional 5% (+5% per stack) of maximum health.
    and only 1 Soldier's Syringe.pngSoldier's SyringeBgCommon.pngSoldier's Syringe.pngIncreases attack speed.
    Increases attack speed by 15% (+15% per stack).
    , sequencing yourself will give you a 50% chance to end up with 21 Medkits and a 50% chance to end up with 21 Syringes.
  • This Shrine does not affect hidden items like DrizzlePlayerHelper.
  • One is guaranteed to spawn on Commencement
  • Scraps are considered normal items of their respective rarity tier, which means that having scraps in your inventory gives the player a chance of transforming all of the items of that tier into scraps