Solus Probe

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Solus Probe
Solus Probe.png
Health 220 (+66 per level)
Damage 15 (+3 per level)
Speed 10 m/s
Armor 10

The Solus Probe is a new airborne mechanical-eye Monster added in the Skills 2.0 Update. It is a smaller version of the Solus Control Unit and Alloy Worship Unit.

They are spawned by the Bosses in groups of three. They otherwise do not appear in-game naturally outside of the Void Fields Hidden Realm or if the DissonanceArtifact of Dissonance is active.

Environments[edit | edit source]

Skills & Behavior[edit | edit source]

Beam Attack[edit | edit source]

A Solus Probe attack by firing a blue beam at the player, similar to the Stone Titan's laser attack but slower, that deals 20% damage per tick.

This skill has a Proc Coefficient of 0.2.