The followers of N'kuhana

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The followers of N’kuhana believe there is a balance to the world. Health and time. Pain and love. Death and memories. They were in perfect synergy. As time went on the balance of the world was destabilized. There were more births than there were people dying. With no volume for death in the world, N’kuhana could not visit her pupils. With the aid from the scriptures known as The N’Tormat, her disciples will spread her words and opinions. They will sow death to restore order to the world and be granted audience with her.

The belief of N'kuhana can be traced to other parts of the universe. One such instance can be traced back to a burial site on Venus. There was a ritual taking place that was supposedly interrupted by a boy who did not believe in the concepts of N'kuhana.

A group of devotees can be traced to the Wetland Aspect. They were in possession of the Ceremonial Dagger.pngCeremonial DaggerBgLegendary.pngCeremonial Dagger.pngKilling an enemy releases homing daggers.
Killing an enemy fires out 3 homing daggers that deal 150% (+150% per stack) base damage.
. A tool used to sacrifice believers and heretics alike as gifts for N’kuhana. One member of the group, Marion, had used the dagger on other members of the group. One named Pugh had witnessed this, and he did not understand. Pugh was disturbed. The noise attracted Stone Golems to their location. Panicked at the arrival of the golems, the group found Pugh at the end of the dagger.

The golems had arrived, they had to use the dagger or be at their foe's mercy. Hitchcock had already been blown to pieces. Marion had begged to be killed using the dagger, and so her request was granted. The remaining members of the group, Larsen, Dillon, Carney and Stevens had also been sacrificed. The sole survivor of the group took Carney and hid the altar in a cave underneath the cliff. Carney's skeleton can still be found at the Altar to N'kuhana.