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Risk of Rain 2 is developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox Publishing.[1] The console version is supported by PlayEveryWare.[2]

It is currently available for Windows on Steam, and on Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Xbox One.

According to the developers[3], new content will be added in the upcoming 5 major updates before leaving early access.

Releases on console devices arrive after bugs and issues are addressed in the Steam release. Console updates arrive on all devices simultaneously.[4]

Early Access Roadmaps[edit | edit source]

Steam[edit | edit source]

ROR2 roadmap.jpg

Console[edit | edit source]

ROR2 console roadmap.jpg

Version History[edit | edit source]

The below release dates are for the Steam version. Future release names and dates are subject to change.

Version Release date Highlights & Notes
1.0 Launch August 11, 2020 New Survivor, Items & Equipments, Final Stage, Final Boss
Artifacts Update March 31, 2020 Artifacts 2.0[3], New Stage, Bosses, Items & Equipments
Hidden Realms Update December 17, 2019 New Survivor, Hidden Realm, Bosses, Items & Equipments
Skills 2.0 Update September 17, 2019 Skills 2.0[3], New Survivor, Stage, Boss, Items & Equipments
Scorched Acres Update June 25, 2019 New Survivor, Stage, Boss, Items & Equipments
Build ID #3830295 May 21, 2019[5] full localization support for 10 languages
Build ID #3743353 April 16, 2019[6] fixed bug introduced in Build ID #3731106
Build ID #3731106 April 16, 2019[6] Rework Elites, Worms now have a grounded move pattern.
Build ID #3703355 April 3, 2019[7] Change the Teleporter's visual effects.
Early Access Launch March 29, 2019[8] Initial EA Release

References[edit | edit source]