Wax Quail

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Wax Quail
Wax Quail.png
Jumping while sprinting boosts you forward.
Jumping while sprinting boosts you forward by 10m (+10m per stack).
Rarity Uncommon
Category Utility
Unlock Going Fast Recommended
ID 76
Stat Value Stack Add
Boost 10m Linear +10m

The Wax Quail is a new item in Risk of Rain 2.

Affects all base jumps a Survivor has, does not affect additional jumps granted by Hopoo Feather.pngHopoo FeatherBgUncommon.pngHopoo Feather.pngGain an extra jump.
Gain +1 (+1 per stack) maximum jump count.

Has a Synergy with the H3AD-5T v2.pngH3AD-5T v2BgLegendary.pngH3AD-5T v2.pngIncrease jump height. Hold 'Interact' to slam down to the ground.
Increase jump height. Creates a 5m-100m radius kinetic explosion on hitting the ground, dealing 1000%-10000% base damage that scales up with speed. Recharges in 10 (-50% per stack) seconds.
that allows the user to jump much farther than the normal 10m per stack.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Order: Wax Quail
Tracking Number: 15******
Estimated Delivery: 12/18/2056
Shipping Method: Priority
Shipping Address: Research Center, Polarity Zone, Neptune
Shipping Details:

Hello Buu,
How are you doing? This is Mama. 

The weather here has been dreadful. It is raining every day. We have recently found a new bakery nearby that has delicious sandwiches. Papa has recently taken up whittling. He uses wax because it is softer. I have attached one of his favorites. Hopefully it has not been dinged in the mail :-)

Anyways, I will leave Buu alone. Hope to see you soon!